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Airocons increases on its technical capabilities, built over the last 15 years and strong will power, to provide value to the clients. This is the basis for establishing a culture of engagement in the credo of Airocons. Perfecting past knowledge and recapitulating this skill causes us to perform faster and better. Collaborative engagement pro-creates innovation, which ultimately creates a better and lasting future. This underlines that Airocons’s pursuit of excellence expresses achieving customer delight.

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Our specialization

We have some expertise here, we specialize in these categories. By the way, we work in all types of civil works, we have 15 years of experience in these fields.


Steel Construction

Work related to steel structures, steel towers, bridges, outside advertisements, and petrol or gas reservoirs.

Exterior Design

Constructions with bricks or concrete blocks, tiles to structures, brick masonry, tile pitching, and many other works.

Landscape Gardening

It is related to tree planting, construction of gardens, parks, park facilities work, work related to public places, and park road work.

Water proof

Water proofing

Waterproofing with asphalt, mortar, or sealing materials, paint membrane, sheet waterproofing, and injection waterproofing

Electrical Work

Installation of power generation, interior electrical facilities, electrical wiring, traffic light facilities, and neon lamp facilities work.

Interior Design

Interior finishing using wood, sound absorbing board, wallpaper, floor finishing work, furniture work, and soundproofing

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Our recent projects

We have successfully completed some impressive construction projects. Here we are presenting a few examples of our most recent projects.

Reena Maurya

If you are looking for an awesome construction company, I would suggest that you choose Airocons as it is the best construction company. I am completely impressed with his work.

Dr. Sidharth Singh

If you are looking for some knowledgeable, awesome people for construction work, I highly recommend Airocons. Their friendship and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

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